Imagining the beauty of woods preserved for generations, captured by steel’s strength, leaving Mother Earth unharmed — this innovation defines the world of pre-painted galvanised steel woodgrain in construction. Combining nature’s elegance with industrial prowess, it’s a testament to human ingenuity reshaping architectural materials. Uncovering its technical advantages and captivating narrative reveals a material bridging nature and engineering, forging a path towards sustainable construction and limitless design.

Embrace realcolor® geo MAX
realcolor® geo MAX redefines construction materials, going beyond the surface to ensure unparalleled quality and performance. Its specifications reveal layers of innovation and meticulous engineering, making it the architectural choice.

• Aesthetic Appearance
The clear coat provides a smooth sheen finish, adding to the material’s visual appeal. It enhances the overall look of the product, making it even more attractive as a building material.

• Advanced Paint System
realcolor® geo MAX’s enduring allure lies in its high-performance polyester paint system. With 30µm nominal film thickness, including a 5µm primer on the weathering side and 7µm on the backing side, it forms a protective shield against environmental stresses.

• Warranty and Longevity
Backed by up to 10 years against colour fade and chalk and up to 20 years against perforation, realcolor® geo MAX’s warranties attest to its enduring quality.

• UV and Improved Scratch Resistance Clear Coat
An additional protective clear coat layer that acts as a barrier against scratches and abrasions while preserving the pattern’s vividness, maintaining visual appeal amidst wear and tear.

• Anti-Corrosion Protection
The multiple layers of paint coating, including the primer, finish, and clear coats, contribute to effective anti-corrosion protection. This helps prevent the material from rusting or deteriorating due to exposure to moisture and environmental elements.

• Low Maintenance
Compared to traditional wood, the material requires significantly less maintenance. Additionally, its enhanced durability helps combat issues like termite damage. The protective layers reduce the need for constant upkeep, saving time and resources.

• Ideal for Exterior Application
With its UV resistance, anti-scratch properties, aesthetic finishing, and anti-corrosion protection, the material is exceptionally well-suited for exterior applications. It can withstand the challenges posed by outdoor environments while maintaining its visual and structural integrity.

Peeling back realcolor® geo MAX’s layers reveal a symphony of technology and innovation — more than a material, an embodiment of artistry fortified by science. With advanced coatings, structural strength, and a commitment to durability, realcolor® geo MAX beckons architects and builders on a journey where aesthetics and performance harmoniously converge.

Embark on an adventure of discovery with realcolor® geo MAX, unveil its wonders by scanning the QR code, and step into a realm of innovation and elegance. Your journey begins now!