In Malaysia, developers and contractors in the construction industry still use the traditional methods practised by their predecessors. Many are still using site mix cement mortar in construction, and this is common in every construction site you visit.

It is not surprising that site mix cement mortar has contributed to high material wastage. The quality of sand used, uncontrollable use of additives, and inconsistent mixing, all also contribute to inferior cement mortar produced. It is time consuming to manage, labour intensive, and when handled by unskilled workers, can lead to a messy job site.

On the other hand, there is drymix cement mortar, which is a mixture of cement, sand and additive. It is a dry mixed cement mortar, where the dry materials are mixed well and supplied in bag form. The dry mixture can only be used after water is added and uniformly mixed on the construction site.

The main difference between site mix and drymix cement mortar is when the water is added. In large cities, there is always limited space for accessibility and storage. Therefore, it is not possible to do site mix at every level in a high-rise building. This is where drymix helps to address all the issues. Construction pain points, such as messy job sites can be addressed with simple mixing and consistent quality, with reduced need for labour intensive work. Defects such as hollowness, cracks, popping tiles and falling tiles can be prevented, averting project delays.

To address the problems surrounding site mix cement mortar and drymix cement mortar, better solutions needed to be created. One of the respected leaders in the building and construction industry, Nippon Paint Malaysia, rose to the challenge. They not only created a compatible system solution, but went one step further to create an extensive range of coating and construction solutions, including architectural coatings, protective coatings, waterproofing solutions, flooring solutions, drymix solutions, and sealant, adhesive, and filler solutions.

Nippon Paint has the competitive edge to extend a total compatible system for coating and construction solutions consisting of plaster/render, skim coat, tile adhesive, waterproofing, flooring, protective and architectural coatings that can deliver a total compatible system solution to every quality and beautiful finishing from bare to finish.

As Nippon Paint is the first in the region to provide Total Coating and Construction Solutions, they aim to be a significant player in both the coatings and construction materials markets. Nippon Paint’s goal is to help the industry by addressing the pain points for professional builders such as cracks, powdery surface, peeling, hollowness, fungus, corrosion, efflorescence, water leakage and others.

In addition to solving surface related defects, Nippon Paint’s ultimate goal is to enhance the professionalism and workmanship of the local building and construction industry and also give developers and professional builders the assurance and peace of mind of a high quality and beautiful finishing.

Established in 1967, Nippon Paint Malaysia is a market leader in the coatings industry. In fact, they are well-known as the No.1 paint brand in Malaysia and Asia. Over the years, Nippon Paint has won numerous awards spanning across 21 countries beyond Asia, which has solidified their outstanding reputation in the building and construction industry.

Now that you have the quality underlying protection, you will need great colours to complete your beautiful finishing. Choosing the right colour palette to set the tone or mood of each space and each room to accentuate its intended purpose is the icing on the cake. By incorporating a compatible system, you can make your finishing more durable.

Choosing the right colours can make a significant difference, such as greens and browns for a nature-inspired cafe, soft pastel tones for a spa, bright colours for a children’s jungle gym, soothing colours for an office to keep the stress away. However, you should not be affected by fads and select a colour scheme and interior decor style for your new space purely because it is trendy or cool at the moment.

In 2023, Nippon Paint would like to encourage industries and communities to look beyond colour trends , and break free from the shackles of the past and start afresh. Thus, Nippon Paint has created “Trend Beyond Colours 2023” as a holistic inspiration guide for the professional builders. Humans are after all social beings, and in being driven by our innate emotions, Nippon Paint would like to highlight the need for the formation and nurturing of genuine human connections.

Colours are a universal language and an extremely powerful tool to bring people of all backgrounds and lifestyles together, across the globe. Here’s to a better, brighter and more colourful year ahead, full of possibilities!