Looking to connect with the downstream timber ecosystem to source for suppliers, or understand the latest trends and government policies regarding timber as an ideal sustainable material for use in the building and construction industries? The Malaysian Wood Moulding and Joinery Council (MWMJC) not only brings companies across the entire ecosystem together and represents their concerns to the government in a two-way dialogue, but also provides its members access to the latest global expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and human capital development.

Founded in 1981 as the Malaysian Wood Moulding Council, MWMJC today has some 750 members across the entire timber ecosystem, including raw material suppliers, product manufacturers and supporting industries. Members come from all sorts of subsectors, from moulding and builder’s joinery and carpentry to furniture and even logistics. This creates open and holistic sharing amongst its members, while opening up myriad business opportunities.

MWMJC supports its members across a wide range of business functions from regulatory compliance to production, networking, and marketing. MWMJC has set up multiple committees to discuss and develop specific topics such as labour issues and environment issues, amongst others, and to organise knowledge-sharing sessions involving subject matter experts for the benefit of its members.

MWMJC also presents itself as a platform to link its members to potential business partners and experts in related fields due to its diverse and inclusive membership criteria. This empowers its members to communicate and collaborate, pooling together the combined experience and expertise of the entire industry and giving them access to greater networking and learning opportunities. These include organising fact-finding missions and international trade visits for the benefit of members that wish to break new ground and into new markets.

MWMJC is an advocate for its members and the industry in Malaysia at large, fostering and facilitating dialogue and cooperation both within the industry and between governments, governmental bodies, and the private sector. MWMJC is also an avenue through which members can receive notification of what the government is planning in advance.

MWMJC Chairman George Yap states, “As one of the major established timber industry associations in Malaysia, we are able to reach out to government agencies and policymakers. We have very direct official inputs from government agencies, the Statistics Department, and other government bodies. As such, MWMJC is a platform for all timber industry players to provide their feedback, and we will act as their voice to talk to the government.

“Government agencies perceive us as a downstream, value-added, and neutral party; this means our voice is very strong. Further, should any government agencies or bodies like the Malaysia Timber Industry Board (MTIB) or Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) have any grants or subsidies, they will use us to reach out to our members.”

Being cognisant of the impact that labour and manpower have on the industry, MWMJC has been collaborating with the Wood Industry Skills Development Centre (WISDEC) set up by the MTIB to provide WISDEC’s trainees with industry-relevant skills and work experience.

MWMJC is also a forward-looking organisation, ever alert to the opportunities presented by new technologies and industrial paradigm shifts. It has encouraged its members to explore the new possibilities brought about by the adoption of technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0); the Internet of Things and the ‘smart factory’ concept, amongst others.

For more information on MWMJC and how membership can benefit businesses in Malaysia’s downstream timber as well as building and construction industries, visit its website at https://www.mwmjc.my/ or call the Secretariat at +603 9283 7893.