SELANGOR, 30 OCTOBER 2023 – The headquarters and Southeast Asia Regional Office of Korea Environment Corporation (K-eco) and the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) joined hands to upgrade the school and run environmental activities at SK Sungai Melut (A), Dengkil, from 30 October to 2 November 2023.

K-eco operates under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, and its ventures cover environmental conservation, sustainable development, and the promotion of green technologies. Their sustainability work involves waste management, pollution management, energy conservation, and developing renewable energy sources.

The programme at SK Sungai Melut (A) is part of K-eco’s global social contribution activities under the theme of carbon neutrality and the organisation’s Social Volunteer Group. It was also held in conjunction with the Memorandum of Understanding signing on Carbon Neutral Cooperation between the two organisations.

Mr. Cha Kwang Myung, Head of Management Planning, mentioned, “This project aims to improve children’s learning environment by building a smart facility and upgrading the school’s learning equipment. We are investing RM100K to improve the amenities and create a setting where environmental education can transpire in this school.”

He added, “We aim to improve students’ educational experience by bringing in necessities like air conditioners and smart TVs, supporting the digital learning environment, and including energy-saving features. The school will also receive brand-new scientific equipment for both indoor and outdoor use, creating a more stimulating atmosphere for learning.”

Volunteers will conduct play-based activities, where children build a vehicle out of used cardboard, lead a workshop on waste management, and the students will participate in a lesson on renewable energy. They will also learn to make eco-bags to curb the use of disposable products, and activity on cultural exchanges between the two countries will also be carried out.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of MGTC, Ts. Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor shared his aspiration for this partnership, “Dealing with the repercussions of climate change requires a collective effort that transcends the boundaries between public and private sectors. By working together, we safeguard our environment, foster economic resilience and enhance the social well-being for generations. As a government agency, our responsibility extends beyond the confines of the workplace; encouraging our staff to volunteer and be involved in community work is not just an option but integral to our core values. The commitment of our employees to making a difference defines us as responsible global citizens.”

Since 2012, K-eco has consistently been involved in global volunteer activities in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos. Activities included planting trees in flood-stricken areas, installing rainwater harvesting facilities, and building computer classrooms.

In the meantime, the Korea Environment Corporation aims to garner support in Malaysia by promoting the wish to host the 2030 Busan World Expo in Korea through this social contribution effort.

Mr Cha Kwang Myung stated, “K-eco is pleased to enhance the school’s facilities and provide a conducive setting for students to be closer to environmental preservation through this global ESG initiative. We will continue to discover and promote various activities for the environment and work diligently to establish partnerships with other countries.”

The primary objectives of this collaboration align with advancing the educational standards of the indigenous communities in harmony with the fourth Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Quality Education. This initiative focuses on three key areas: Sports Facilities, School Digitization, and School in the Park.

“This collaborative effort is vital to our commitment to “leaving no one behind.” It demonstrates a collective dedication to enhancing the students’ lives and fostering their educational growth,” reiterated Ts. Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor.

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