Beyond just protecting a structure’s interior and exterior, roofs could play a role in helping to regulate a building’s internal temperature and surrounding environment. However, being a part of the building structure, which is as important as its foundation, roofs also play a large role in lending aesthetic qualities to the design of the building.


The aesthetics of a steel-coated roof involve both having the right material, texture and appearance. And apart from that, the overall functionality of a pre-painted galvanized steelroof is as important as its beauty.

A roof’s aesthetics, namely, how one could blend the colour of the metal roofing with the house or building structure is very important. There are a few factors which we should consider when selecting the ideal colour for your pre-painted galvanized steelroof.

1. Matching the building matters
Firstly, one has to consider how to create a balanced look when fitting the “crowning glory”, the roof with the rest of the building and the compounds. This would require considerations of the building’s general appearance and other colours which are already found on the building and surroundings. Look at the colour of the walls, doors, windows and even the landscape. One good tip is to use contemporary colours which would also blend in to create a more homogenous (read: more monochromatic) colour scheme which often results in a streamlined look invoking elegance and harmony.

On the other hand, instead of just blending colours to create a coordinated look, having some contrasts between the roof and wall texture or colours could also create an aesthetically pleasant effect on the building’s appearance.

2. Whether the weather warrants it
The next factor which influences the choice of roof colours would be the environment or weather. In tropical countries or places in warmer climates, light coloured roofs are preferred. For cooler climates, roofs with darker colours would be more practical. This is because lighter colours tend to deflect the heat, making it bounce off, while darker colours tend to absorb heat.

3. Style Considerations
Be it a contemporary , modern, or traditional architectural design, steel roof colours can be chosen carefully to match any style of building. Brownish or burgundy toned metal roofs would suit the Meditarranean style, for instance or darker grey tones for Tudorian building designs. Roof colours are the most versatile when it comes to designs according to branding or themes. One of our clients opted for vibrant roofs for their modern-styled retail and shopping space with boxy designs in Johor.

Speaking of colours, Primero realcolor® would make the ideal choice due to a few of its excellent features. First, its range has over 100 colours for your selection with either a shining, glossy or matte finish as a complete accent to the overall look. You will find Primero realcolor®’s thickness ranging from 0.35mm to 1.20mm a fitting advantage that caters to a wide variety of applications apart from roofing needs in any construction projects.

Primero realcolor®’s zinc coating comes in the minimum weight of Z18 (180g/m2 while being in the MS2383 class of C4 (T). This medium to high range of zinc coating simply enables better performance in terms of corrosion resistance and protection from the elements, adding to its durability. Furthermore, do read further below to find out about Primero realcolor®’s excellent warranty period.

The versatility its coating and range of colours are evident when you take a look at some of the projects across Malaysia. Primero realcolor® graces the roofs of Tropicana Aman Bayan Residences, Selangor, Paramount Greenwoods at Salak Perdana, Sepang; Eco Grandeur at Puncak Alam and Sunway Big Box Retail Park at Johor to name a few. Its portfolio of roofing clients also includes warehouses, factories, schools, mosques, and more – the applications are simply wide and versatile.

All the above is only topped by Primero realcolor®’s reasonable price level which is considered moderate within the market.

Here is where Primero realcolor® truly stands out. Selection, quality and innovation that renders it a great investment. It is after all, one of the established ’s range of excellent roofing. Known for its range of colour-vibrant material and tough resistance, customers mainly choose Primero realcolor® based on the following advantages:-

1. Worry-free warranty
With Primero realcolor®, you firstly stand to have peace of mind about your roof’s durability as it comes with a 20-year warranty against perforation. You might also be rest assured to know that Primero realcolor® has a warranty against colourfading and chalking lasting for 10-years. We hope that two decades of no worries over holes in the roof while having the option to keep your roof’s colour fresh and functioning for ten years might release you to focus and enjoy other areas of your building and its maintenance better in the long run.

2. Corrosion resistance
While there’s a guarantee against perforation, you might be further pleased to know that Primero realcolor® is made of corrosive-resistant material. That’s right. It is anti-corrosion. This would mean your roof is ready set from the beginning itself to last beyond expectations and stay beautiful in the longer run.

3. Durability
With the above two factors in place – solid warranties against perforation and fading while the material remains anti-corrosive, it is no surprise that Primero realcolor® is synonymous with durability. This is the way of helping you get the extra mile out of your roofing needs, extending the duration of your roof’s beauty by ensuring its timeless appeal through innovative technology.

4. Formability
One of the most important qualities that Primero realcolor® has is that while being anti-corrosive and highly durable, it has excellent formability. This simply means that the roofing material has the ability to be formed into the shape in accordance to your roofing design and needs without any defects or damages appearing. Using particular stamping system parameters (including the forming, dying of materials and tool coatings) as well as selected metal grade, Primero realcolor®’s material has the ability to be bent and adjusted with good overall consistency.

All in all, if you are looking for the right roofing choice with vibrant hues and strong, lasting qualities – Primero realcolor® showcases the true colours of durability with unmatched affordability.

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