The Midea V8 Global Launch Event, Envision the Infinity, came to a successful conclusion in Dubai, UAE on the 1st of June 2022.  The event shed light on issues such as development trends and pain points of the VRF industry, and featured the overseas debut of Midea V8 Series VRF. Industry leaders gathered to draw a blueprint for the future of the industry’s development, bringing about a feast of information sharing and breakthrough innovations.

Global Partner Conference, Unveiling Midea’s Strategic Blueprint

Opening the conference was a speech from Henry Cheng, GM of MBT OSC, detailing the process of reform and transformation since our establishment in 1999; now from the beginning of the third decade, Midea Building Technologies is driven by innovation to transform and re-start-up. In recent years, we have been pushing for a transformation to provide customers with human-oriented intelligent solutions and services, using iBuilding as the core.

Several global partners of Midea, including Taqeef from Middle East and Magnium+ from Georgia, made their appearances at the event. The partners shared their experiences in expanding Midea’s brand influence, channel, and professional circle, as well as their knowledge in project engineering.

Exploring Industry Trends and Reflecting Industry Pain Points


With an increasing urgency to reduce global CO2 emission and reach carbon neutrality, intelligent and low-carbon buildings are now an inevitable trend in the industry. Gene Sun, GM of Midea KONG Intelligent Building Ltd, introduced the concept of iBuilding low-carbon solutions at the event, and recounted successful cases such as the application in Shanghai Innovation Center and Heyou Hospital. Through big data, IoT, 5G and other technologies, iBuilding solutions can realize the interoperability of human, equipment and space throughout its life cycle.


Industry consultants spelled out the pain points of the building and VRF industry. The ventilation holes in the electric control box of traditional VRFs lead to internal device damage from environmental factors such as sand, dust, snow, and insects, which is a notable issue for customers in Middle East and Africa. Traditional VRF installation also increases the difficulty of construction with only hand-in-hand connection between internal units available. When a failure is encountered, the process of repair is both time-consuming and costly.



A Mission of Breakthrough for Midea V8 Series VRF

The trend of low-carbon intelligent solutions and the shackle of the pain points of the traditional VRF industry are forcing upon a change in the industry. Robin Luo, GM of Midea DX Product Company, explained how Midea continues to dedicate their efforts in product iteration to provide the best possible solutions with the Midea’s well-developed production line and competitive manufacturing quality.

Peter Wu, Chief R&D Engineer of Midea DX Product Company, detailed the breakthrough explorations of Midea V8 Series VRF from a quality, design, and low-carbon standpoint. In terms of quality, Midea launched the industry’s first fully enclosed electric control box (ShieldBox) to avoid damage to internal components caused by harsh environments. From an installation standpoint, Midea’s self-designed communication chip (HyperLink) realizes an arbitrary topology in addition to the traditional communication connection method, reducing installation cost and improving installation efficiency. When it comes to operation, V8 Series VRF is equipped with 19 sensors (SuperSense), the most complete range in the industry, allowing for an instant diagnosis of the system’s current refrigerant volume.


On the design front, Midea V8 Series VRF introduces a side discharged series in its outdoor unit, which reduces its occupied spaces and makes it easier to transport. A diversified range of indoor units are available to meet the demands of increasingly complex interior spaces, freeing the product from height constraints. As to energy-saving, Midea V8 Series VRF also takes the lead in realizing direct current in all internal and external units, and has entered energy partition for zoned energy management.



Midea V8, Multi-Certified Product of the Industry

Solid technical strength earned Midea V8 Series VRF several certifications from Intertek, a leading Total Assurance Quality provider to industries worldwide. The Tick-Mark certificates were issued at the launch event by Intertek’s regional manager to recognize the reliable quality of V8 Series VRF.  A congratulatory message from President of Intertek’s Electrical & Connected World Department, Saranpal Rai, was also received on-site.

Midea VRFs are also tested and certified by AHRI. As a key member of AHRI, Midea cooperates with the institute to develop global testing standards for VRFs. Nabil Shahin, International Technical Director from AHRI, proposed the requirements for VRFs in zero-emission buildings, and joined hands with Midea to empower the green development of architecture.

Midea V8 Series VRF also received the gold prize for its Intelligent Building Energy Solution at the 2022 Special Edition of International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, a further acknowledgement of Midea Building Technologies’s R&D strengths.

From initial technology import to becoming an independent innovator and realizing technology export, every step taken by Midea Building Technologies in its path to become an industry leader is proof of our strength in breaking boundaries. We will continue to create more industry feats by promoting technology-enabled development and an innovation-driven future.