Serving the building sector for over 20 years, CSC Steel is a steel producer that specialises in galvanised steel products and colour-coated steel products for the building material industry under its proprietary brand names realzinc™ and realcolor®. These products have been used widely in a diverse range of development projects over the years, especially in one of the latest projects in collaboration with Overseametal Sdn Bhd, known as IOI Galleria, which is located at Bandar Putra Kulai, Johor.

IOI Galleria uses Realcolor® Thermoshield as the innovative roofing system to keep the temperature cool in the building, while the OSM Hicondek®40 clip lock roof profile from Overseametal Sdn Bhd provides a penetration-free solar panel installation by using the universal clip. Together, the cutting-edge technologies from both companies contributed to making IOI Galleria a green building built in compliance with the GBI system. Designed to be energy efficient and water efficient, green buildings will help to reduce the cost of utilities. Moreover, green buildings that use renewable energy, such as solar panels, will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Globally, buildings contribute almost 50% of annual global CO2 emissions. It is estimated that by 2050, 70% of the human population will reside in urban areas. Thus, green buildings such as IOI Galleria will play a critical role in minimising our environmental impact and carbon footprint, and CSC Steel is happy to actively contribute to this positive environmental trend.

Realcolor® Thermoshield is an innovative cool roof system specially designed to reduce heat absorption as well as retain its glossiness and colour vibrancy. It provides excellent heat reflection and improves aesthetics with a clean exterior for roofing and cladding in industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Different climates pose different challenges, and Realcolor® Thermoshield helps to keep buildings cool and comfortable to operate in the Malaysian tropical climate.

By helping the building to keep cool, Realcolor® Thermoshield improves the energy efficiency of the building, thereby saving the building owners air-conditioning costs. In addition, the building not only requires less air-conditioning, but the ambient temperature around the building is reduced as well, lessening the urban heat island effect.

In addition, Realcolor® Thermoshield is the most suitable to be used for solar installation, as it can prolong solar usage when heat reduces. Besides that, its self-clean mechanism ensures that it requires less maintenance and lasts longer. Furthermore, when complemented with OSM Hicondek®40 clip lock roof profile from Overseametal Sdn Bhd, it adds to the roofing value, minimises leakage risk through fasteners, extending the roofing life-span. As a result of these technologies, solar PV systems can be installed as sustainable, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions at all times.