An innovative virtual space with buzzing technologies created during a pandemic has been enabling furniture and timber-based manufacturers to not only stay in business but also be excited about prospects.

The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) introduced a new programme called TimbeReality in 2021 to encourage the wood-based industry to move towards digitalisation.

TimbeReality is a virtual reality platform for industry players to showcase Malaysian-made timber products and connect with potential buyers around the world, all-year round.

Companies that wish to be a part of TimbeReality can choose from four different packages to showcase their company and timber-based products in a virtual showroom. More than 40 Malaysian companies have “floor spaces” in TimbeReality and 18 of these companies even showcase their factories at the site.

Visitors of TimbeReality will be able to learn more about the products offered and enquire just about anything as they would if they were physically visiting a showroom. Cutting-edge technologies have enabled designers to create visually enticing virtual showrooms that give companies in TimbeReality a look and feel that would be hard to replicate in actual showrooms.

Manufacturers say that displaying their furniture and timber-based products in this space was much nicer and more importantly, these showrooms can be accessed by buyers anytime, anywhere. They have also gained more trade confidence from buyers with products being sold online.

To date, the TimbeReality site has had more than 20,000 visitors from more than 180 countries, especially from buyers in the United States, China, India, Indonesia, and many more. It has also led to a rise in the number of people interested in Malaysian-made products as well as awareness from international buyers.

The TimbeReality site has also been expanded. It now comes with a TIMB3R Gallery, Webinar Hall, and Auditorium. The TIMB3R Gallery will showcase the new products that were developed through the TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme (TIMB3R DIP) which MTC also introduced in 2020 to develop higher value-added timber and furniture products.
The Webinar Hall and Auditorium are for seminars and conferences. All these new features on an ingenious platform like TimbeReality has taken Malaysian timber-based manufacturers higher into the digital business sphere.

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