It is all too common these days, anywhere and everywhere, to access hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office and institutional buildings, airports, hospitals, etc via automatic doors. Be it a folding, revolving, sliding or swinging door, chances are, it’s a Swiss-made TORMAX.

TORMAX is a division of the Landert Group, a privately owned Group of companies, which installed Europe’s first automatic door in 1951. The company has fanned out worldwide with 20 Group companies including more than 500 distributors and is, today, a leading manufacturer of automatic door systems.

Apart from lending elegance and style to buildings, revolving doors allow a constant and unhindered two-way flow of people entering and leaving. The sluice principle of revolving doors keeps noise, dust and outside odours away from building interior. It effectively shields the indoor climate from the outside cold or heat which translates to savings in energy consumption. Further, there is the safety aspect of revolving doors insofar as reliable sensors integrated into the system guarantee maximum safety for users, protects against strong gusts of wind and expedites exits/rescue and escape during emergencies.

TORMAX systems come in four variants: Classic (small or large), Light Frame or Full Glass and depending on application range, 3 or 4-winged or leafed revolving doors are available. What sets TORMAX apart from the others is its unique range of profile designs, sizes, materials and colours to match the overall architectural concept. In addition, Access Control with TORMAX automatic revolving door systems provide optimal control of access when used with other systems such as card-readers, biometric recognition or other security measures. (READ MORE…)