UNStudio revealed a mixed-use high-rise building design in Dusseldorf (Germany) integrated within the new Belsenpark masterplan. The tower, designed in collaboration with OKRA Landscape Architects, results from an international architecture competition held by private developer Pandion and features a diverse ground floor programme tied together by a pocket park. The project integrates prefabrication and modular design, thus reducing the building’s environmental impact.

The project adapts to the grain of the surrounding built environment through the provision of two additional low-rise buildings that, together with the tower, coagulate with a park and foster community interaction. The high-rise building offers office spaces on the lower floors with residential units above, while the two low-rise structures comprise cost-controlled housing. The design is based on modular planning and prefabricated components for the supporting structure, the facade and building services.

The facades are designed with noise pollution, views and sunlight levels taken into consideration. Around the residential units, the facades showcase an interplay of loggias and bay windows that echo the rhythm of the apartments while also incorporating biophilic design elements. On the sides of the building facing the elevated street, the apartment loggias feature sound-reducing baffle panes.

Located on one of Dusseldorf’s east-west green corridors, the project is a critical link within the network. Therefore, the landscaping connects to smaller green areas in the neighbourhood and features a sustainable water management system. The design also proposes a main water feature that doubles as a detention basin during extreme flooding.

Programme: Office (Co-Working), Residential (Condominiums and subsidized housing), public functions such as shops, cafes and health, parking

UNStudio design team: Ben van Berkel with Tina Kortmann and Stelina Tsifti, Carolina Bocella, Ignacio Andres Mejia Zubillaga, Dichao Wang, Zhongming Fang, Verena Lihl, Stijn Tonen, Jan Schellhoff

Landscape: OKRA landschapsarchitekten 

Structure and Façade: Bollinger+Grohmann

MEP and Energy: KBP Ingenieure Fire HHPberlin

Renderings: Flying Architecture