Blessed with lush, tropical rainforests within the country, constructing with natural timber among Malaysian builders and buildings have been a luxury for decades and even centuries, dating back to ancestral days. Wood simply carries a timeless appeal and its own elegance that matches no other building material. Take a walk down the “serambi” or veranda of a traditional kampung house, and one could see up close, feel and even smell the essence of the timber details seen on the wood’s grains, still exuding a lively quality that adds to the exterior corridor’s ambience.

Melding nature’s beauty with durability
This very essence of timber has taken on a new evolution where woodgrain patterns on steel are gaining traction as a preference within builders in the industry. Its popularity comes not as a surprise as woodgrain patterns, like natural wood, still evokes a perception of warmth.

The welcoming patterns of wood, now translated onto steel, is just as stunning to the eye whether when applied indoors or outdoors. This is a pertinent feature especially when the desired building’s requirement is that of the performance of metal yet with a natural effect arising from its design. (READ MORE…)