UAC Berhad unveils new logo as part of its rebranding exercise


Its Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director, Mr. BT Gan, shares with B&I that the rebranding reflects UAC Berhad’s shift from a product-centric company to one that will be more customer, lifestyle and aspirational-focused in its offerings to meet the changing needs of the market and consumers.

B&I: What is the strategy and the expectations from UAC Berhad from this rebranding with the new logo in terms of short-term and long-term business goals?

Mr. BT Gan: In line with our parent company, Boustead Holdings Berhad’s “Reinventing Boustead” strategy, UAC Berhad, the leading pioneer and manufacturer of high-quality cellulose fibre cement boards with almost 60 years of growth excellence has taken on a new logo in addition to streamlining our product range to mirror the growth, rejuvenation and long-term development strategy of the company and the group.

With our presence in over 60 countries and our products accredited with countless awards and certifications such as Green Label, MyHijau, SIRIM and BBA UK, we would like to send the message to the world that UAC Berhad will enhance our previous commodity-based products such as roofing and ceiling, to lifestyle-based products including innovative, decorative and Industrialised Building System (IBS) wall systems to meet the changing needs and trends of the market.

Through gearing on and moving even closer to being lifestyle-centric by introducing construction techniques such as the IBS, we would like to overcome the issue of shortage of workers in the construction industry and also to enhance the quality of finished products. In the long term, we aspire to make UAC Berhad the trusted brand and the preferred choice for all customers across the globe.

B&I: We understand that the business philosophy and your core beliefs are not affected by this rebranding, so what can we expect in terms of business direction, i.e., what will and/or will not change?

Mr. BT Gan: Yes, our business philosophy and core business are not affected by this rebranding exercise. There is no change in our company’s management nor will it affect existing commercial relations with customers, partners, suppliers, financial management, manufacturing or contracts. The only change is our new product range which is more towards lifestyle-based products.

As mentioned, UAC Berhad is fast approaching six decades of providing and manufacturing high-quality cellulose fibre cement building materials to clients and customers from all over the world. As a leading fibre cement brand in Malaysia, our goal is to continue being globally-acclaimed and accredited industry leaders in the manufacturing of building products. In fact, UAC Berhad has always been known for our quality products, stringent tests, extensive research, and timely deliveries.

This is why, for us to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry that ceaselessly encourages innovation and creativity, we have to keep ahead of the times and trends while still making sure that we adhere strictly to our core values and beliefs. As such, we have taken the initiative in the rebranding of our brand corporate identity. The new brand identity is a significant change for UAC Berhad, nonetheless the company assures that its business philosophy as well as tested and proven core beliefs in its commitment values towards partners and customers remain the same.

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