As we enter the post-pandemic period, where contagious airborne diseases are becoming increasingly vigilant and affecting the health of loved ones, awareness of respiratory illnesses through airborne contamination has become a primary concern.

We may have started to pay more attention to the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe, but there are several ways that diseases can spread, and airborne transmission is the most unpredictable. As such, it is essential to curb contamination through our air systems to prevent the spread of airborne diseases that could lead to life-threatening illnesses.

One way is to start with the prevention of airborne diseases from the indoor air source, where vital air circulation is recycled to provide long-term health security. Rule out the bacteria and fungi that could make your air vent the host for their growth and multiplication by applying antimicrobial air vent material to inhibit the growth.

In this regard, CSC Steel Sdn Bhd has introduced the realzinc™ HIGIENE’s perks and role in upgrading your air ventilation system and circulation during the post-pandemic reopening as norms over the entire world have changed.

The realzinc™ HIGIENE is certified by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute in compliance with JIS Z 2801 for their efficacy in suppressing the growth of eight types of bacteria and by SGS in compliance with ASTM G21 for their effectiveness in suppressing the growth of five types of fungi.

It offers means to improve one’s life quality in a better way to fit adequately into the existing standard in which a new solution for Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning (MVAC) ducting was introduced to the community.

The benefits of using realzinc™ HIGIENE, a newly-developed and tailor-made product for the current norm to be introduced for conventional MVAC ducting systems, are highlighted as follows:
1. Breathe in healthier, cleaner air
• Efficacy in curbing the growth of eight types of bacteria and five types of fungi

2. Longer-lasting durability
• Heat resistant up to 200°C
• Good humidity resistance
• Abrasion resistance
• Corrosion resistance

3. Easier maintenance, less cleaning
• Longer-lasting durability
• Alkaline resistant
• Higher white rust resistance
• Prevents fluting
• Less blackening

4. Contractor-friendly
• Anti-fingerprints solve a common issue during site handling and installation
• Post-paintable

The realzinc™ HIGIENE can be applicable to MVAC that are used in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, biomedical and food factories, shopping malls, airports and office buildings.

The incorporation of an antimicrobial galvanized steel (GI) sheet is also highly effective for elevator walls, buttons and door panels, as well as door handles.

The first-ever made-in-Malaysia antimicrobial galvanized steel (GI) sheet is specially designed for MVAC and is the best material for the ventilation system to improve one’s indoor air quality.

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