Wooden floors and decks have almost unmatched versatility when deployed in a building or construction project. Malaysian timber flooring and decking manufacturers have the necessary expertise to assist in their design, customisation, and installation, regardless of the type of material and finishing chosen. Whether solid or engineered, there is an optimal and sustainable wooden flooring or decking option on offer. Businesses in the Malaysian building and construction industry looking to use wooden floors and/or decks in their projects can look to the Malaysian Wood Moulding and Joinery Council (MWMJC) for facilitation; MWMJC can assist businesses to contact any of its members in this subsector.

Being situated in the tropical and equatorial region, Malaysia is home to a vast range of tree species, amongst which a few are perennially popular for the use of flooring and decking purposes. These include Karai Batu, Belian (Borneo Ironwood), Balau, Merbau, Kempas, Chengal, Giam, and Nyatoh, most of which have high resistances to pests and weather, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Not all wooden flooring and decking choices are the same, with some offering different properties that make them better suited to one circumstance or other. Whichever option (or mix of options) one goes for, however, Malaysian timber flooring and decking specialists are well-versed with manufacturing, finishing, preparing, installing, and maintaining them, given Malaysia’s climate and humidity conditions.

For construction projects that are designed to evoke premium aesthetics, high quality, and upper-class vibes, nothing beats the highly-sustainable solid wood flooring and decking. Using either the abovementioned local species or imported timber species such as White Oak, various kinds of Teak, and Pine, solid wood flooring and decking can be laid out in a number of classic styles such as mosaic (including parquet), horizontal strips, or painted wood. They can also be laid out in a customised pattern or in 3D patterns.

Building and renovation projects that are more cost-conscious but still seek to elevate with a touch of elegance need look no further than the multiple engineered wood solutions available for both indoor flooring and outdoor decking. These environmentally-friendly solutions can be deployed to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where solid wood options may not be as suitable, while providing similar aesthetic qualities as the top layer (veneer) is made of solid wood.

MWMJC has over 40 members specialising in the production and/or installation of timber flooring and decking. For more information on how MWMJC can connect you with key industry leaders in the wooden floor and deck subsector, visit its website at https://www.mwmjc.my/ or call the Secretariat at +603 9283 7893.