The dream of property developers and architects has always been to design and build aesthetically pleasing and functional buildings. However, in recent years, emphasis has been placed on constructing buildings of high quality which are more innovative and sustainable, providing a healthy and safe environment for all. Hence, exterior coatings play a crucial role in ensuring superior aesthetics, quality protection and sustainability.

The exterior walls of a building serve as the first line of defense against the elements. These surfaces are constantly exposed to the harsh weather, and end up marred by dirty marks, acid rain, efflorescence, colour fading, discolouration, and a chalky appearance.

Introducing Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series
Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series is an acrylic-based paint specially formulated with Quartz Technology that can provide 8, 12 and 15 years of protection against harsh weather. The Quartz Technology incorporates microcrystalline quartz minerals that deliver the strongest, toughest, and hardest paint for your exterior walls. The Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series consists of Weatherbond®, Weatherbond® Hi-Gloss, Weatherbond® Solareflect Extreme, and Weatherbond® Ultimate.

The implementation of Sunblock Technology in Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series effectively diminishes surface temperatures, thus creating a more comfortable and cooler built environment. This innovative technology elevates the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of the Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series beyond that of traditional coatings, consequently reflecting greater amounts of heat away from surfaces due to its higher SRI value. These findings have been substantiated by the Solar Energy Research Institute’s (SERI’s) Energy Simulation Report which utilised IESVE’s state-of-the-art thermal simulation software.

Prolonged exposure of exterior walls to intense UV rays from the sun can lead to eventual fading and chalking of colours. To combat this, Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series Colour Care Technology offers enhanced resistance against UV light while also providing a thicker paint film for improved colour richness. The QUV requirement from MS133 mandates up to 500 hours with no evidence of peeling, cracking or chalking observed, and minimal changes in colour are permitted. However, Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series has been rigorously tested for up to 4,000 hours QUV test without any signs of peeling, cracking, chalking or colour change observed.

The Micro Block Technology in Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series offers exceptional defence against the proliferation of fungus and algae. Given that exterior walls are constantly exposed to tropical weather conditions, they are highly vulnerable to fungal or algae growth. As a result, the Micro Block Technology effectively restrains the development of such organisms. This claim is substantiated by both actual tropical environment testing as well as laboratory scale tests on fungal and algae resistance. The actual tropical environment test was conducted by THOR technical service for a period of 6 months. Meanwhile, SIRIM has carried out laboratory scale tests on fungal and algae resistance based on the MS 133 test method over a span of 28 days.

Moreover, Keep Clean Technology in Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series effectively combats dirt buildup. The exterior walls in tropical regions are vulnerable to the accumulation of grime as a result of the prevalent high levels of humidity in the surrounding environment. Keep Clean Technology offers a less permeable surface that wards off dirt buildup and stubborn dirt bonding on Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series, ultimately resulting in a more pristine and cleaner appearance over an extended period of time, as observed in the test conducted based on ASTM D3719 standards.

Constructing high-quality walls can pose various challenges for contractors, depending on the specific project and location. Common hurdles involve site conditions, materials, unskilled labour, budgetary constraints, scheduling limitations, and safety considerations.

When issues arise with walls, it often entails engaging multiple stakeholders, making identifying the root cause challenging or even insurmountable at times. Consequently, meticulous planning by contractors is imperative to anticipate potential challenges and have a plan in place to address them to ensure successful project completion.

The Nippon Paint Total Coating and Construction Solutions elevates the professionalism and workmanship of local building and construction firms by providing time-saving and cost-saving benefits as well as more effective utilisation of manpower, since there is no need for companies to engage with multiple suppliers throughout the construction process. More importantly, all wall pain points like falling tiles, peeling, water leakage, hollowness, corrosion, efflorescence, powdery surface, fungus, hairline cracks, etc. can be effectively addressed.